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In this economy, when things aren’t going the way you think they should, you start looking for new ways to improve sales. The stakes are high and your careers are on the line if sales don’t improve. I know what you’re saying “Everything was going so well, and now I’m in a slump.” “After all, this is my business. I committed myself to this… my family is behind me. I need to make this work and more importantly, succeed with income and growth.”

Your success, happiness – anything you truly want for your life – has to begin with unwavering, non-negotiable desire, commitment and persistence. Without it, you cannot withstand and overcome the tests that will be put in your way, to not only see how badly you really want it, but to help you appreciate what you have once you get it. Because it’s through the tests, that you discover yourself and your purpose. Unfortunately, when things aren’t going the way you want them to every day, you begin to search for new ways to improve sales, which causes too many to overlook the basics. You try everything and most of it doesn’t work… now you’re further behind and you find yourself working harder than you ever had. You feel yourself in a downward spiral and don’t know how or are too embarrassed to ask for help.Here’s what I do know for sure “You can’t build a strong house on a weak foundation.”

Let’s cover some basic strategies on how to improve sales and increase your confidence. For those who are top performers this will be “old hat.”

For the rest of you, it will be information to put you back on track and have calmness in the home. To begin with, grab your Kit Pages and Entrepreneurial Guide and hold them up to my examples.

The first step to improve sales involves the understanding of why someone needs or would desire TMC’s services. For example, can they know for sure they will have peace of mind? If you expect to improve sales, begin by knowing the benefits customers gain by using TMC’s services.

The second step is essential, it’s uncovering the buyer’s needs that will guarantee an increase in sales. Ask for referrals. Improve sales by identifying potential prospects that may benefit from using TMC’s products. Some may have a need, while others may not. Your job is to separate one from the other but just how is that accomplished?

Develop a powerful list of questions that will identify a need for TMC’s products. This list is critical if you expect to improve sales. Ronnie Murray has his questions, Sue Jett and Phil Huggins do too. These tools are already at your disposal… Kit Pages and your Entrepreneurial Guide, do you have them at your fingertips? Let me give you an example. If I were selling a sales training seminar, I would ask the following questions…

  • How would you compare your sales production to your sales goals?
  • How would you benefit from a 20% increase in sales?
  • What are the steps you are taking to expand sales?
  • What are the consequences if sales don’t improve?

How would such questions improve sales? First, they identify needs. Second, none of the questions can be answered with a “yes” or “no” because you want your prospect talking. Third, they focus on benefits and not the product. Please notice that not once did I mention a sales training seminar. Focusing on needs and benefits is how you begin to improve sales. The best part of what I’m saying is that you have everything in front of you. It works! Why? Because it causes you go back to the basics.

Isn’t that what made you successful to begin with?

Having the right questions is at the center of any effort to increase sales. As with most endeavors, skills are required to succeed. The practice of those skills assures you of comfortably being able to ask the right question at the right time. Bill Ragland says “Expand your sales by using powerful selling skills and keep building upon those skills. It’s the best way to improve sales – bar none.”

Robert Hicks asks “What does a good coach do when his team isn’t performing the way they are capable of playing? They go back to the basics. Plain and simple, and they repeat each play over and over until they have it internalized. It becomes automatic.”

The third step, you need to commit to never ending improvement. That’s right, building a better you. After all, you deserve it and so does your family. It’s been said “If you do what you love to do, then it isn’t work…” So, use the Entrepreneurial Guide and Kit Pages like they’ve never been used before. I believe your sales will improve and the realization from your efforts will help you grow your business. The beauty of success is that it can have many areas, faith, family, career, community and the list goes on. Success doesn’t need to be limited to one aspect of life – but as many areas as we desire to succeed in. The critical part of being successful is to be aware of what you want. Define it, write it down, and reflect on it every day.

Remember, it’s in your hands.

~ David

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