TMC 2013 Awards Retreat “They Hit This One Out Of The Ballpark!”

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David Myers

David Myers

Talk about making an impact!  On March 15 – 17, 2013, Travelers Motor Club hosted their annual Awards Retreat at Chateau on the Lake Resort Spa and Convention Center in Branson Missouri, where both old and new TMC representatives as well as TMC office staff and families participated.

“Wow!”  “The best ever awards retreat the TMC has ever held.”  “It was outstanding….everything clicked….and with perfect timing!”  “Everything that was done was to make this conference so important to the participants.”  And the comments never stopped!  For this year’s conference, TMC wanted to keep the most crucial part of the business at the forefront of our minds – “generating more sales and building a strong business”. During various sales presentations, the speakers presented the participants with both new and proven ideas in the “best tools to grow your business”, all designed to help the sales teams to a higher level and therefore with a view to “accomplishing more for everyone”. Each presentation in the program was to share the skills and techniques to achieve optimum sales results for the salespeople.

Friday night……..the group took chartered buses to the American Bandstand Theater to have dinner and see The Legends in Concert.  Talk about a fantastic show! We started with Jerry Lee Lewis…then Diana Ross followed by Brooks and Dunn and then the outrageous Blues Brothers and wrapping it up with Elvis.  It was as they say “a walk down memory lane.”

Saturday morning began with a breakfast that make dieters go to confession.  David Myers opened the session and welcomed everyone and asked Janice Faison to start with a prayer and we were off and running.  Robert Hicks hit a home run with his “The Power of Recommendations” presentation.  Is it any wonder he does so well?   His straight forward step by step demonstration had folks taking notes and grasping the power in applying what he was sharing.

Ricki Gavell sure knows how to tell a story.  She painted a picture of where the office staff was in regard to their goals of customer satisfaction and teamwork.  Ricki and team produced a video that could have won an Academy Award that spoke of projects and gave powerful testimony to her fellow team mates.  Then she introduced Wes Berry and described how he has brought expertise and creativity.  What a helpful talented addition to the group.

Tom Voorhees in his usual way took us for a journey on the Dow Jones that made sense and was easy to understand the reason the 401 (K) plan was successful.  B.J. Puttergill followed up with her presentation “Building My Own Business”, and she was right on.  “This is our business and TMC is the Brand”, “We all have the ability to become contractual owners and recruit and train your own team” couldn’t have been said better.

Steve Thompson updated the design work on the TMC Image and elicited the group to meet and discuss their ideas to help them with their kit pages.  Mark Muncey has a wonderful way of exciting the crowd when he talks about incentives and the outstanding opportunities available to everyone.  And boy oh boy is there a lot of them!  Then he handed out a questionnaire to get feedback on what TMC’s doing well or needs fixing from your point of view.  How’s that for listening to you?

Gene Hammond commented on the vibrancy growth of the company.  He mentioned several challenges the company has overcome the past year and expressed his excitement over the future of the brand.

David Myers tied it all together with the importance of goals not just to make money but to realize and build a better you, a better family, do things to help your children or grandchildren or community.  He went on to give a simple formula to write goals and to affirm them on a daily basis.  His “what would it look like without the problem?”  “Describe on paper what you would look like when you have what you want?”  He concluded with the importance of giving thanks to spouse, family and friends on a daily basis for all they do to help us.

Lunch was another trip to the confessional………as well as the dinner Saturday night.  Best ever!

The afternoon event was a special treat with comedian Jarrett Dougherty (Pierce Arrow Theater) and country music singer Clay Cooper.  “We had the Library Lounge all to ourselves.”  “It was like the family living room and we had this great entertainment just for our family.”  “I laughed so hard I cried.”  “These two showmen were absolutely the best.”

The Saturday evening cocktail hour gave the participants the opportunity to visit with husbands and wives and get pictures “all gussied up” to help us share with all of you.

The evening Banquet and Awards celebration started with Genes “State of TMC”, he shared his frustrations and spoke about his compassion and vision and promised his continued help in building life long careers in the “best business in the world”.   Then we were off to the awards and money….oh yes, the money!  And there was an abundance of $100.00 bills being handed out.  I don’t know of any other company that gives away so much to show our appreciation for the outstanding work you all do.

The memories and pictures will be with us forever…..the opportunities will be available for everyone to share in the rewards for the next Awards Retreat…….see you there.  Remember…….it’s in your hands ~  David


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